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Overnight raspberry coconut trifle

What a wonderful kick-start to the day with this nutritious breakfast! Nice extra, this breakfast is completely plant-based!


1 serving:

  • 25 g chia seed

  • 25 g oatmeal flakes

  • 50 g vegetable coconut yogurt (mild and creamy alpro)

  • 150 ml coconut unsweetened drink (alpro)

  • 50 g (frozen) raspberries

  • Sweetener to taste and choice.

  • Optional: coconut shavings and extra raspberries for finishing.


  1. Heat the raspberries for 1 minute at 700W in the microwave.

  2. Divide yogurt and coconut drink equally over 2 jars and sweeten to taste.

  3. take 2 jars and add the chia seeds in to one jar and add the oats to the other and stir.

  4. Place both in the refrigerator and let it rest overnight.

  5. Mash the raspberries with a fork, (optionally: can be sweeten a bit, if it is too sour) and put it in the desired glass and place in the fridge.

  6. In the morning, give that chia pudding and oatmeal a good stir and gently spoon over the crushed raspberries into the glass.

  7. Garnish with coconut shavings and raspberries.

Lets eat!



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