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Coconut chia pudding with fruit sauce.

Many of us lack on time on a weekday morning to make a tasty and healthy breakfast, well i know the perfect solution! It doesn't get any more easier than this! Make this low-carb pudding the night before and enjoy it in the morning!


(1 portion):

  • 200 ml Coconut milk (not coconut water or cream).

  • 25 g Chia seeds

  • 1 tsp Vanilla aroma

  • 1 Handful fruit of your choice (I used mango for this)

  • 1 Small splash of water.

  • Sweetener of taste and choice (I took a few drops of liquid coconut flavored stevia).


  1. Pour the coconut milk into a jar or bowl.

  2. Add the chia seeds, vanilla flavor and sweetener.

  3. Mix this well and let it rest for 10 minutes.

  4. Cut the fruit into small pieces and heat it together with the water on a low heat (stir regularly).

  5. In meanwhile stir the chia pudding again.

  6. When the water has evaporated, you can add some sweetener to taste.

  7. Put the fruit in a separate dish / jar, stir the pudding one last time and place both in the refrigerator and let rest overnight or at least 2 hours.

  8. Spoon the coulis over the pudding before consumption and add some fresh fruit if desired.




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