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Savory puff pastry wafers.

Wafers filled with York fillet, eggs and mozzarella.

As a real foodie I miss our eating outs, but luckily we can ease that by making a nice brunch on Sunday, with these delicious waffles.

The quantities are up to you, this way you can choose how many wafers you want to make or how much of which filling you want to use.


  • Puff pastry

  • Eggs

  • Filet de York (You can replace this with another lean meat product of your choice or just leave it out if you like to keep it vegetarian).

  • Grated mozzarella (or other cheese).

  • Pepper and salt.


  1. Heat a waffle iron on medium to high setting.

  2. Cut the cold cuts into strips and fry them crispy without fat and set aside.

  3. Beat the eggs and keep a little aside for later.

  4. Make a scrambled egg with the rest (don’t fry it completely "dry"), mix in the cheese and season with salt and pepper and set aside.

  5. Roll out the puff pastry and cut out equal circles. (Each wafer needs 2 circles)

  6. Brush with the remaining beaten egg on one side.

  7. Place a little filling in the center of the dough and cover with a second circle of dough. (Egg covered side on the inside).

  8. Press the edges lightly.

  9. And brush all packets with the remaining beaten egg.

  10. Place the packets in a waffle iron and bake until golden brown.



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