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Fast lentil curry with turkey bacon.

Lentils have a high fiber and protein content, they are also tasty and quick to prepare!


  • olive oil

  • Dried yellow lentils.

  • turkey bacon

  • onion

  • look

  • zucchini

  • carrot

  • mushrooms

  • Bell pepper

  • tomato

  • raisins

  • chicken stock cube

  • Greek yoghurt.

  • Curry powder

  • Ras el hanout

  • pepper

  • Fresh cilantro

  • Fresh mint


  1. Fry the bacon until crispy and remove it from the pan ( fry without butter or oil).

  2. Cut al vegetables.

  3. Fry onions and garlic in a little olive oil using the same pan.

  4. Add zucchini, carrot, mushrooms and bell pepper/.

  5. Let it stew for a few minutes and add fresh tomato cubes. - Add 1/2 chicken stock cube, along with boiling water and yellow dried lentils. (The amount of water depends on the amount of lentils).

  6. Season with curry powder, ras el hanout and pepper.

  7. Continue to simmer until the lentils are cooked.

  8. Add coriander and mint.

  9. Spoon into a deep plate and sprinkle the fried bacon over it.

  10. Finish with a dash of Greek yogurt, raisins, fresh coriander and mint.

  11. Stir before you eat it.

Ready to enjoy!


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